Fear Free Certified

We Are Fear-Free Certified at Shiloh Veterinary Hospital!

We know pets are afraid of the veterinarian—it’s just a fact of life. And while we can’t verbally communicate to your furry friends that we are here to help, we have taken a huge step to show them that we are the good guys—we are proud to say that Shiloh Veterinary Hospital is Fear-Free Certified!

What is Fear-Free Certification?

If you’re unfamiliar with this achievement, the Fear-Free Certification Program is a training course that helps veterinarians modify clinic procedures, handling and facilities to help pets feel safe and comfortable while receiving the medical care they need. Its focus is not only to strengthen the bond between humans and animals, but also to attend to your pet’s physical and emotional well-being as well.

How Does a Practice Get this Distinction?

To become Fear-Free Certified, all aspects of our hospital were evaluated, including culture, leadership, client education, facilities, patient visits, staff training and more. Additionally, a Fear-Free Practice Certification Veterinarian performed an on-site where they reviewed and then ultimately approved us.

What Changes Have Been Made?

At SVH, we have taken a lot of steps to help our pet patients. One subtle thing we have switched up was our uniform colors—our staff now wears grey, while our doctors no longer wear white coats. Research has shown that the color white causes fear, anxiety and stress for animals, and this simple change of lab coats has a profound effect.

Another thing we have done is added music speakers to rooms, where we play quiet, calming instrumental music, which has been proven to help dogs and cats respond positively. Additionally, for our feline friends, we have Feliway-sprayed towels that are available to cover cat carriers while you and your kitty cat wait for your appointment. As a synthetic feline facial pheromone, Feliway helps to keep your cat calm and relaxed. And for our doggie pals, we offer Adaptil sprayed bandanas, which contain an appeasing pheromone.

We’re Here for Your Pets.

We love our clients and their pets and are proud to have taken this next step. It’s so hard watching animals in distress while we are trying to help heal them, and we are so happy to be Fear-Free Certified, so we can continue on our mission of providing compassionate, high-quality care for our patients and their families through advanced diagnostics and treatments. We know your companion animals are more than just pets, but a cherished member of your family and ours as well!

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For more information on Fear Free Certification, click here. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at either of our convenient locations.