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If you want the kind of care for your cherished pet that you want for yourself or another family member, you must investigate the quality of care you are being offered by any veterinarian. Unfortunately, similar sounding procedures are often times not the same at different veterinary hospitals.

The price of a service alone is rarely sufficient for deciding where to pursue veterinary care. In order to interpret a fee, you must know exactly what service is being provided for that fee. What initially seems to be low cost may end up costing more in the long run.

A hospital with high standards will welcome the opportunity to discuss their fees, facilities and services with you. When asking about any service, please inquire as to what is included in the procedure that you are interested in. Also inquire about who exactly is performing the procedure, what their training level is, and what kind of anesthetic monitoring is used. A good clinic should be happy to talk to you about all these factors.

Once you have all of the appropriate information, you can make a knowledgeable choice as to what level of health care you would like for your pet.

Please feel free to download a copy of one of our informative brochures listed below. Each contains a checklist of service points to ask about when evaluating veterinary services.

Dental and Oral Surgery

Major and Minor Surgery

Our Fees and Financial Policy

Full payment is due when services are rendered or inventory items are dispensed. We accept Cash, Personal Checks, Care Credit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Writing a check when insufficient funds are available is illegal, as are post dated checks. A fee of $35 will be due immediately for all returned checks and the privilege of writing a check will be revoked.

If you are unable to pay your bill and request a payment plan, we will process a Care Credit application for you. Care Credit is a medical credit company which provides full payment for veterinary care for eligible clients and accepts monthly payments until the balance is paid in full.

Doctors may require a deposit of up to 50% of an estimate upon admission of a pet for non-routine procedures or surgeries and critical medical cases. This will be decided on an individual basis. The remaining balance will be due the day the pet is discharged.

Our doctors or technicians will provide you with an estimate of charges for surgeries and medical admissions. You may also request an estimate for routine care such as vaccines, heartworm protection and intestinal parasite control before services are rendered. If you are unable to pay for all recommended services and inventory items, the doctor can help you decide which are most important for your pet that day, and which can wait until you are able to provide payment.

If you are concerned about your ability to financially care for your pet, we strongly recommend you consider a pet insurance policy. You may also pre-pay our hospital for future pet care. Anytime you pre-pay you will receive an invoice stating how much credit you have on your account.

To download a copy of our Financial Policy for your records click here: Financial Policy

•These forms are in Adobe Acrobat pdf format. Download the free pdf reader at the Adobe web site.