Fear Free Pre-Visit Questionaire

Fear Free Pre-Visit Questionaire


As Fear Free certified professionals, we want to make your pet’s visit to our hospital as enjoyable and stress free as possible. It’s important for us to understand what your pet might find upsetting. This information will help us to adjust our care to better serve and comfort your pet. Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability so we can take into consideration both you and your pet’s preferences.

How would you describe your pet’s reaction to going to the veterinary hospital?
Check any situation that your pet has shown avoidance or disliked in the past:
Does your pet prefer:

A successful Fear Free visit starts at home and continues during your travel to our hospital. To help you provide your pet with a pleasant experience on the way to the hospital, I can email you some preparation tips. I have a few questions regarding travel to see if we need to make any special recommendations

How and where does your pet travel in the car?
How does your pet behave in the car?