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Pet Memorial


Reily and I rescued each other in 2009. She was my entire world and the best part of my day.
Reily really was the best dog ever.
She was boss anywhere she went lol
She loved everyone, especially babies.

Mom loves and misses you so much Reily Sue


Best of the best was our girl who just made 10 years on May 27, 2019. June 2019 her world spun out of control with illness, we will miss our friend, her love was unconditional. Memories are what will keep us going and her final journey is pain free. Rest in peace, our love will never go away.

Roma Lisa PshockRoma Lisa Pshock

Roma was my girl! I adopted her when she was nearly 3, a new Mama who had toughed it out on the streets of York before she and two of her babies were rescued by Castaway Critters. She made such a great first impression I knew we were meant to be family. We had 9 years together, and I treasure them.


Our family was fortunate enough to have this little guy with us for 17 years. We will forever cherish the memories and loyalty he gave to each of us during his years as a member of our family. Colby will be missed dearly and the memories he left will be etched in our hearts forever.


Crunchy – I met Crunchy when she was seven years old in the spring of 2008. I was never allowed to have a dog growing up and she quickly became my best friend. She made the 22 year wait all worthwhile. She went everywhere with me. She used to stand on top of the kitchen table to watch out the window if I dared to back the car out of the driveway without her. We celebrated birthdays with steaks and cheeseburgers- as she got older, hamburger and rice. For her sixteenth birthday, she got her “doggy driver’s license.” I had to say goodbye to my best friend in November of 2017. I can honestly that I’m now the one with separation anxiety. I miss you, Sunshine. Every. Single. Day. <3


Occupier of laps, head-butter of chins, lovingly aggressive biter of hands which were typing or otherwise engaged with activities that did not involve you. You were my most loyal friend for 16 years and lived more on love than on food. My chin will forever miss the top of your head.

Dakota – 11/1/1997 – 11/19/2015 Dakota

In loving memory of Dakota. Ko loved long walks, snitching food when nobody was watching. He was a velcro-dog, always by my side. Dakota, my “Ko-Ko Bean” you left pawprints on my heart. Run free at the rainbow bridge my sweet baby boy.


We adopted Daisy-Baby from Holly many years ago. She was with us for a long time. She was my Dad’s baby girl and went with him everywhere. When my Dad had to go live at Rest Haven Nursing home Daisy came to live with me and Hunter-Pup. We had to let her go in March 2013 and we miss her so very much


Bear-Bear was my 1st boxer and the love of my life. He helped me through some very dark times in my life. He was always by my side. He was my Protector! He was born on the 4th of July and the day I went to pick him up at the breeder he was the only puppy sitting on the sofa watching TV.


Roads àCody-Roads was the funniest dog I’ve ever met! There was never a dull moment with him around. He was very smart and learned tricks and commands quickly. He was so gentle and loved to snuggle. On nice days it was hard to keep him out of his little blue pool. He loved being in the water.


Tootie was my first girl boxer. She was the boss and ruled the roost! She was quiet and laid back even when she was a puppy. Total opposite of her brothers. Despite her many health issues, she was my baby for 13 years. Everyone loved her and she loved them back. She is missed.


Hannah rescued me even though she was the one needing rescued. She was one of the most loving dogs ever. She loved to play and go for walks. She was a great snuggler and enjoyed eating! She had Cushings disease and left me in 2014. I miss her so much.


Max the Ubercat, was my furbaby and bestie. While he was alive, we went through so much, from his hyperthyroidism to IBS (and a brief trip into diabetes) . I remember his last days with us and still cry. Dr Wade and her staff always treated him like royalty, which Doug and I appreciated. -Sandie


Our sweet Lucie found her forever home with us back in 2012. It was surely love at first sight when she came into our lives! Lu had been abused and abandoned, and although we rescued her, she rescued us without realizing it. She lived with us for 6 yrs before passing in Jan. 2018. We miss her dearly


The moment Zoey & I met, it was the connection of 2 hearts, & after living in 4 different homes the 1st year of her life, I promised her that I wouldn’t let her down. For 15 years, Zoey made me smile & laugh every day. I love & miss my little girl, my little “space monkey”. God bless you Zoey.
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Pet Memorial

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