Classes for Canine Manners

Canine Manners– For Ages 25 Weeks & Up

Canine Manners Class is for any dog age 6 months and older. This is a beginner-level class and most dogs attending have not participated in a puppy training class. The focus of this class is to teach owners how to teach their dogs to be polite family members. Walking on a loose leash, coming when called, sit, down and stay are some of the behaviors we work on in this class. All behaviors are taught using positive reinforcement or rewarding the dog for behaviors we would like them to offer again. Human students are taught how to properly use a clicker for excellent communication with the dog.


  • Classes at our Manchester area office
  • This is an 8-week class, with each class lasting approximately one hour. The class is limited to dogs to ensure a personal learning experience for both dogs and people.


  • DHLPP and Bordetella vaccines must be given at least 10 days prior to the first day of class.
  • Proof of a negative stool sample and/or treatment for parasites
  • Need to have had a wellness exam by a veterinarian and be free of fleas and contagious diseases.

Please contact our instructor, Wendy, for information about the following classes:  Puppy Kindergarten, Canine Manners and K9 Nose Work.  She can be reached via email at: