Classes for Puppies

Why Enroll in Puppy Classes?

Great for shy pups – helps them gain confidence & decrease fear. Great for pushy pups – helps them learn self-control & how to politely interact with others Fun for the whole family! Well-behaved children are welcome to observe & may be asked to participate in a few activities. A wonderful way to strengthen your bond! The more rewarding experiences your puppy shares with you, the more he/she will want to be with you. Meet Wendy on SVHTube!

Puppy Pre-School – For Ages 7-12 Weeks

Learn how to properly socialize your young pup and help him/her develop into a well-adjusted, happy adult dog. Dogs who have been properly socialized as pups learn to accept changes well, enjoy having new experiences, and are less likely to become fearful or aggressive toward people & other animals. They also learn self control and have a great foundation to be overall great family pets! Take advantage of this early learning period & help your puppy develop into an awesome dog! Pups are exposed to new experiences in a pleasant, non-threatening environment. No punishment or ‘corrections’ are ever used in this class.


  • This class is given in an ongoing 4-week format. Puppies may begin any week & continue for 4 weeks.
  • Please arrive 20 minutes early on your first night for an introductory discussion.

Puppy Kindergarten – For Ages 12-24 Weeks

At this age, puppies are in their ‘Juvenile Period’ of development, which is similar to our teen years. This is a time of rapid growth, increased activity & excitability, and increased independence. Puppies in the juvenile period need consistent leadership (not to be confused with ‘dominance’), lots of daily exercise, and training with positive reinforcement. This can be a frustrating time for owners, which is a great reason to take your pup to classes! Learn to capture your puppy’s attention and begin the foundation training for a lifetime of canine manners! No punishment or ‘corrections’ are ever used in this class.

Pre-requisites (for both classes)

  • DHLPP and Bordetella vaccines must be given at least 10 days prior to the first day of class.
  • Proof of a negative stool sample and/or treatment for parasites
  • Need to have had a wellness exam by a veterinarian and be free of fleas and contagious diseases.

Puppy Class Forms

Registration form for Puppy Pre-School

Please contact our instructor, Wendy, for information about the following classes: Puppy Kindergarten, Canine Manners and K9 Nose Work. She can be reached via email at: